Define and plan for each client’s unique goals

Whether clearly articulated or not, every investor has a personal set of goals and dreams. Our most important job is to help clients clarify those goals and to develop an actionable and measurable plan for achieving them.

Investing vs. Saving

Contrary to common belief, most of us will not invest our way to financial freedom. Achieving financial independence commonly takes years of patient disciplined savings, combined with a prudent long-term investment plan. Boring? Probably. We tell our clients that the investment of one’s life savings is not an appropriate venue in which to seek out excitement.

Understand and manage risk

Risk is unavoidable. We strive to help our clients intelligently manage the spectrum of their personal, professional and investment risk exposures. Our approach to investment risk focuses on matching the client’s overall portfolio risk to their goals and time horizon. We believe an individual should take no more risk than is absolutely necessary to achieve their goals.

Measure and re-evaluate

We measure success by whether a client is making sufficient progress towards their long-term financial goals, and not by their latest quarterly portfolio returns. While we are always happy to make money for our client accounts, at the end of the day, it does not matter that your account did, or did not, beat the S&P 500 index, if you are not able to achieve your most important goals in the timeframe you had hoped for.

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