Maintaining funds for a lifetime

We have many clients who are in, or are approaching, semi- or full retirement. Investment Management for those spending their savings, called the “distribution” phase, poses a different challenge than for those who are still adding to savings, or in the “accumulation” phase. Growth of principal, once a primary objective, now takes a back seat. Preserving the purchasing power of one’s principal, stability of cash flow and insuring that a portfolio is able meet its expected distributions become the essential concerns.

Our approach to retiree portfolios is inherently a conservative one, using risk exposure to furnish purchasing power protection over what will be typically a multi-decade retirement horizon. To achieve a client’s distribution objectives, we maintain a cash cushion in their account(s) of at least two years of expected withdrawals. This discipline permits us to avoid having to sell investments should asset prices become temporarily severely depressed.

Planning for what today is often 25 years, or more, of retirement distributions – funding the lifestyle these clients have worked their entire careers to make possible – is the most important thing we do.

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