Martin Weil

I started MW Investment Strategy in 1997 to provide clients the same honest, unbiased financial advice that I value for myself. After more than 30 years as an individual investor, I know that the financial marketplace does not always deal a fair deck.

Experience has led me to adopt an essential rule when employing someone to manage or advise on money matters. Has this person demonstrated honesty, integrity and good faith? Do they merit my trust? Over the normal course of a full market cycle, there will be times as an investor when events turn against you. If you cannot trust your adviser to do the right thing, unhesitatingly, when those challenging times arise – the right thing for you, not them (and in case you do not yet know this, there can be a substantial difference), then it probably does not matter in the least how smart, talented, or outperforming they may be.

Is your financial advisor someone who is uncompromisingly on your side, an objective “buyer’s agent,” someone who will navigate the market playing fields for you, with only your best interest to fulfill? At MW Investment Strategy, we are.

“Given the challenges investors face in today’s market, an experienced, fiduciary partner is more critical than ever to help retain and grow your assets. It is my intent to apply my experience to help my clients meet their financial goals through a rigorous planning process, extensive research, and promises kept.”

As a fee-only investment advisor, we have no products to sell and we do not take investment positions against the individuals and families we represent, as has become common practice at larger Wall Street firms. We are compensated exclusively by our clients and, as a consequence, we have no incentive other than to serve their best interests. We assume a fiduciary standard, placing every client’s interest before our own. See Our Pledge to clients and feel free to compare this to the commitment available from your current firm. This is how we envisioned MW Investment Strategy when we began in 1997, and how we practice today.


Martin Weil

What does “fee-only” mean?

In the financial services, fee-only describes a person or a firm who is paid directly, and exclusively, by their clients. In a fee-only relationship, the adviser is able to avoid many of the conflicts of interest that arise when compensation is received through sales commissions or other payments.

What does “fiduciary” mean?

n. Latin meaning “trust”. Refers to a business or person who may act for another with total trust, good faith and honesty, who has the complete confidence and trust of that person.

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