Notes From the Fieldby Martin Weil

May 17, 2013

Never explain …

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was interviewed on Marketplace about his new book, Rumsfeld’s Rules:

Marketplace: “I do wonder whether you read Robert McNamara’s memoirs when it came out”

Rumsfeld: “I have not”

Marketplace: “That book was widely seen as an apology for his role in Vietnam. I looked in this book pretty hard for any rule you might have about apologizing and I couldn’t find one”

Rumsfeld: “And? What is your question?”

Marketplace: “Did you ever think about apologizing?”

From the Political Insider

I try very hard to avoid political commentary in this space. But as this particular exchange involved decisions that cost American taxpayers some $2Trillion, and counting, or about $6,500 per US living citizen, I thought it bore some relevance to the economic predicament we find ourselves in today.

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