Notes From the Fieldby Martin Weil

March 15, 2013

The US Fiscal Impasse Explained in Two Sentences

1. Obama can’t sell entitlement cuts to his base, or indeed Democrats in general, without Republicans agreeing to new revenues, and has offered them a straightforward compromise — one that would anger the base on both sides — based on the premise that total victory for the GOP is not an acceptable or realistic outcome.
2. Republican leaders can’t even begin to acknowledge that Obama has offered them a real compromise, because they can’t sell their base on the idea that the President is being flexible, let alone get them to seriously entertain accepting any compromise with him, because the base sees total victory over Obama as the only acceptable outcome.

I try to avoid getting into the middle of these very partisan political fights, but the nation’s problem with longer-term deficits is one that will have to be addressed in a rational manner.  In the above quote, the WP’s Greg Sargent sums up the issue so succinctly that both sides should be able to understand what the solution is.

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