Notes From the Fieldby Martin Weil

January 17, 2014

Train That Brain

Older adults who underwent a brief course of brain exercises saw improvements in reasoning skills and processing speed that could be detected as long as 10 years after the course ended, according to results from the largest study ever on cognitive training.

This is from an NBC News report discussing recent research in the field of “brain training.” These mental workout programs are demonstrating positive results in slowing or arresting the trajectory of cognitive function decline in aging adults.

I first became acquainted with this concept after a broadcast series on the topic on our local PBS affiliate. In addition to crossword puzzles, I added Lumosity to my own personal regimen two years ago. (Caveat: I have not seen any studies that compare the results of a consumer brain-training program like Lumosity with the results obtained by the more rigorous methodologies discussed in the research.)

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