MW Investment Strategy offers a full range of financial planning and investment advisory services. Our core tools for building the road map to achieving a client’s financial goals include: cash flow analysis, risk management and investment policy. These tools provide essential data, enabling us to construct forecast models that help answer the question “How likely is it that I/we will achieve our financial goals?” Foremost among these is typically the question of whether there will be sufficient savings to support a desired lifestyle throughout retirement.

Only after we have outlined a client’s financial goals and current situation do we create a written investment policy statement that governs the management of their investment accounts. Based on a client’s unique financial situation and needs, this investment policy outlines the basic asset allocation and risk exposure to be employed, as well as any savings and spending goals to be met.

Our process of planning and forecasting is ongoing. We hold regular reviews with each client to take into consideration changes in goals, economic conditions and personal financial situations, adjusting investment policy and our forecast model as needed.

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