Investment Management

Each client account is managed on the basis of a written Investment Policy Statement that is developed from their major life and investment goals. The Investment Policy outlines the fundamental asset allocation and risk exposure to be employed for the client, as well as any savings and spending goals to be met.

Our objective in managing investment and retirement savings, unlike the industry’s typical risk-maximizing approach, is to target the least amount of portfolio risk that is financially prudent in light of a client’s goals. Our philosophy is that wealth is accumulated—and most importantly—retained over the long-term.

In making all our investment decisions, MWI adheres to the standards of fiduciary care, undertaking that the interests of our clients always come first. We believe emphatically in our approach; and our own personal accounts, as well as those of our immediate family members, are invested in the same investments as are the accounts of our clients.

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What does “fiduciary” mean?

n. Latin meaning “trust”. Refers to a business or person who may act for another with total trust, good faith and honesty, who has the complete confidence and trust of that person.

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