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November 3, 2011

Outrage of the Week – Chase Privacy Notice

Like many people, I always “opt out” when presented by bank or other financial institution offers to barrage me with cross-selling of their or other’s products and services. Today, I received a notice from Chase, instructing me that I had to “completely fill in” each of about 10 ovals in order to not receive their sales pitches.  And I will have to do this every year.  In other words, no matter what you do, or what you want, if you miss this junk-mail looking instruction letter, you will inevitably get back on their pitch list. I take this to mean that my charging and paying off several thousand dollars a month on their Chase VISA card does not make me profitable enough to treat me with the respect due any valued customer.

To me, it just one more sign of what happens when elected officials and the banking regulatory system are captives of the institutions they are supposed to oversee and are no longer servants of the public at large.  Elizabeth Warren, wherefore art thou?

July 7, 2011

How to eat and get healthy – use cash

The pain of paying in cash can curb spending on unhealthy foods, new research suggests. Shelling out your hard-earned moolah appears to put a crimp in buying “vice products,” such as cookies, ice cream, and chips.

That is MSNBC online reporting on a new study of purchase behaviors.

My conclusion: In addition to helping you spend less (for the same reasons cited in the article), you spend more wisely, or at least in your better interest, when using cash instead of plastic.

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