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November 3, 2012

Way to go George!

It is being reported that George Lucas will give away the bulk of the $4B he is receiving from the Disney buyout of his wholly-owned LucasFilm.  Lucas made an earlier commitment to The Giving Pledge campaign by fellow billionaires, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.  According to the reports, Lucas intends the bulk of the monies received from the sale to help fund education.

September 25, 2012

Coverdell (Education Savings Account) Rule Changes at YE

One of the lesser noticed features of the “Bush tax cuts” were two provision that allowed higher annual contributions to Coverdell, Education Savings, accounts and their use for pre-college education expenses. These provisions are set to expire on December 31 unless Congress extends these tax measures.  Contribution limits will revert to $500 from $,2000 currently, and the use of funds will be strictly for college.  Advice: if you intend to continue funding an ESA, take advantage of the higher limits before this year-end.  And if you are using the account to fund secondary school, you may want to use it this year.

See this Morningstar article for more information.

May 16, 2011

Religion, education and wealth

The economic differences among the country’s various religions are strikingly large, much larger than the differences among states and even larger than those among racial groups…

Many factors are behind the discrepancies among religions, but one stands out. The relationship between education and income is so strong that you can almost draw a line through the points on this graph. Social science rarely produces results this clean.

Dave Leonhardt, writing in the NY Times Magazine.

h/t The Big Picture

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