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May 13, 2013

Whither Gold?

One of the first casualties of even the barest hint of the Fed changing course is likely to be gold.  We got that hint this past week and here is where Forbes magazine and I can agree. Investing in gold has carried no “opportunity cost” so long as a dollar in cash earned close to zero.  Once a dollar once again pays even a small but likely rising return, I see the gold market dynamic reversing course.

November 16, 2011

Boom Town – Elko NV

Way back in 1996, the then Fed-head Alan Greenspan uttered the famous and prophetic two words to describe what might be going on in the US stock market – “irrational exuberance.”  For me, and many others, it was definitive confirmation that a bubble was inflating stock prices. Of course, the stock market bubble continued for a further four years, until it ended badly in March 2000.

This “Boom Town” podcast from Planet Money, to my mind, provides early confirmation similar to Greenspan’s in 1996, this time about the rise in gold prices. Note that I want to stress the word “early” in the previous sentence. In the four years after Alan Greenspan’s speech, the S&P more than doubled, from 650 to 1500 before falling steadily to 800 two years later.

The moral? Investors lucky enough to get in early in a bubble and get out before prices roll over can truly make a fortune. Most early investors however don’t get out before the crash, but still make money as they bought early and at low prices.  Maybe they don’t make the killing they were dreaming of, but they do ok. Late investors, and these are in the majority, can find themselves buying into a peaking market only to lose a considerable portion of their investment when prices collapse.

How to know when gold prices are peaking?  My own “tell” may be when the skeptical town leadership of Elko, featured in the story, caves in to the lure of rising gold prices and builds itself a new City Hall or similar major public infrastructure.

August 31, 2011

Quote of the day

Those who fear deflation buy bonds; those who fear inflation buy gold; those who cannot decide buy both.

Martin Wolf in a Financial Times Op Ed

June 11, 2011

Sell gold. Buy a house

Or so this interesting chart of the median US house priced in gold would suggest.

When priced in that other world currency (gold), the median price of a single-family home has declined over 80% since 2001.

Buy low. Sell high.

Chart from Chart of the Day. h/t The Big Picture.

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