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December 3, 2013

Next Time Someone My Age Complains About Anti-Social Technology Usage

Train readers








Show them this picture

From 361 Capital


September 16, 2013

You there, yes you, wasting time on email and social media

Tim Harford, author of the excellent The Undercover Economist, pens this Ten Email Commandments, a great list of how-tos to start managing your email and social media (as opposed to email and social media managing you.)  The FT site requires registration to read the article. Worth the effort. Highly recommended.

May 21, 2013

An Appealing New Retirement Paradigm?

Given that we are living longer than ever and that many of us will not be able to afford a post-career of 30 years without additional earned income (and what would we do with all that free time anyway – more than 10,000 days…), how about taking a year off every 5 years or so while you are still young enough to do the really interesting stuff?  NPR tells this fascinating story of Winston Chen, who at age 40, took a year off to live with his family on a remote Norwegian Island.


Of course, the story avoids addressing the practical matter of career disruption that would disrupt the lifetime earnings potential for most of us. For now it would seem. this intriguing model is restricted to tenured professors and a few others. But as the realities of our having to work many years longer, perhaps social norms around work will progress to permit this sort of mid-career sabbatical for the typical worker.

April 17, 2013

Annual Costs of Car Ownership, Higher than You Think

Cost of owning and operating a vehicle, 2013:

  • Small sedan: 46.4 cents a mile, $6,967 a year
  • Medium sedan: 61 cents a mile, $9,151 a year
  • Large sedan: 75 cents a mile, $11,248 a year
  • 4WD SUV: 77.3 cents a mile, $11,599 a year
  • Minivan: 65.3 cents a mile, $9,795 a year

Includes gas, maintenance, insurance and depreciation.  Based on driving 15,000 miles a year. SOURCE: AAA

Posted at Marketwatch

March 13, 2013

Communicating Across the Generations

My father learned this lesson last year after leaving me a dozen voice mail messages, none of which I listened to. Exasperated, he called my sister to complain that I never returned his calls. “Why are you leaving him voice mails?” my sister asked. “No one listens to voice mail anymore. Just text him.”

Anyone 30 or under, or with a <30 year old in the family, has learned this already. But Kevin Drum poses a reasonable question of general courtesy. “If you do not listen to your voice mails, then why do you have your voice mail function enabled?”  And if your message says “Leave a message and I will call you back,” is it unreasonable to expect you to do so?  Better just to say, “I don’t check my messages, so please just email or text me.”

Are Kevin and I sounding old and curmudgeonly?

October 12, 2012

Reselling weddings – biz idea of the month

Bridal Brokerage, a newly launched business, aims to resell the plans and arrangements of what it claims are the 250,000 cancelled weddings each year to other couples looking for an already planned wedding at an attractive price. Not sure how they match a cancelled wedding in Texas with a couple looking to get married in Michigan, but it sure sounds like an interesting concept.

Tip by Marginal Revolution


May 21, 2012

Facebook Divorce, and Marriage

Divorce lawyers and wedding planners have been gearing up for the Facebook IPO, waiting for the influx of wealth in Silicon Valley to stir up drama in romantic relationships, for better and for worse …

At the same time that a windfall can make couples feel ready to tie the knot, it can also give unhappy couples the confidence and financial stability to split. Or, as newly minted millionaires wrestle with the responsibility that money brings, some get frazzled and difficult to be around, while others develop a sense of entitlement that leaves them discontent in their relationship.

“There’s this feeling that they can have it all,” says Nicole Baras Feuer, co-director of the Start Over Smart divorce expo in New York. “They can trade in a spouse and have something better.”

The Financial Times


February 1, 2012

Living solo in the USA

Americans are now within mere percentage points of being a majority single nation: Only 51% of adults today are married, according to census data. And 28% of all households now consist of just one person — the highest level in U.S. history. That second statistic may appear less dramatic than the first, but it’s actually changing much faster: The percentage of Americans living by themselves has doubled since 1960.

From CNN Money

h/t Andrew Sullivan

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