Notes From the Fieldby Martin Weil

June 29, 2011

Reinventing education

If Salman Khan is right, his is the most revolutionary idea in education in memory. In this TED talk, Khan proposes using video at home to teach basic educational concepts and using class time to do homework with a live teacher.  His nonprofit Khan Institute has already posted 2200 educational videos available to anyone.

h/t Felix Salmon

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  1. […] Is it only a matter of time before the Internet changes absolutely everything? This post by Felix Salmon tells the tale of Sebastian Thrun who has resigned his post as a tenured Stanford professor to start Udacity, an online University. Thrun was emboldened by the 160,000 students worldwide who enrolled in his online AI class, taught by himself and Google’s Peter Norvig. Udacity follows in the footsteps of the Khan Academy, which I wrote about last year. […]

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